What should I do if I get any problem while downloading or installing the software?

QIK ERP software does not need any download or installation. You just need to browse the software with valid credentials. All data is available online like Google or Gmail.

What are the Advantages with 'Online Version'?

Data available anytime from anywhere. No dependency on anybody. You can work from home or at any time.

Is my data secured using your Software?

Absolutely! We provide you online backup facility which copies each modification from the main server to another remote server. Even if anything goes wrong with the prime server, we can be back online in 24 hours without losing any data.

How to take back ups for Online Version?

The school need not worry about this. An automatic service is taking care of it for you.

Where is your server located?

The current server is located in US.

What if the internet is down?

Nothing can be done if internet is down. We recommend you to have backup internet in case the main internet line is down.

What if the website is down?

In last 5 years of our service to school & companies, the website was down only for two days. This was because of hardware issue. So nothing much to worry on this front.

Is this software a lifetime product?

Yes, it is!

Can I migrate or import my existing data into your software?
>Yes, in the initial stage, the master data like Students, Teachers, Staff details, Book details, etc. can be easily imported in the software to save a lot of manual efforts.

What type of reports can you generate with this application?

All types of important & necessary reports! Currently we are having 20+ reports readily available, and we can add as many reports as school wants.

Does the parent have the option of writing emails to Teachers/School Management?

Yes, this facility has been provided in the software via message module which acts as an email.

What is the technology used in your product?

All latest softwares like PHP, ASP.Net 3.5, C# language with MySQL database & MS SQL server as a backend.

Do I need to have any specific Operating System to run the software?

No! You just need a latest browser to access the software, no limitations on Operating System.

Which are the Internet browsers that are compatible with your software?

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera etc.

Do we need a high speed internet connection? If yes, why?

Yes, typically it depends on simultaneous users accessing the website. Normally for a school with 1,000 students, we recommend a minimum speed of 2 MBPS internet connection.

Do you have an offline version?

No! It's not needed as the software is available 24x7 from all around the world.

What if I have various other Institutes or locations? Will I need to install ERP software?

QIK ERP Software is a web based application so no installation is needed. We need to configure each school/center into the software once. We can have as many branches as possible into the software.

What if I require only few modules instead of the entire package?

For the schools willing to go for limited modules, we have an option called as ERP starter. This includes primary and basic modules that are common across all the schools.
Further on, other modules can be added based on your requirement. Basically we are happy to give all important modules i.e. complete ERP. Unlike other competitors we don’t charge extra after the addition of new modules.

Will you provide any training to use the software?

We will be arranging training sessions for Admin, Management, Teachers, Non academic staff, Managers, parents etc. We have user’s manual for easy reference. Every year we are going to train your team.
We will also be taking feedback every month to maintain your satisfaction level.

What if I face difficulty in using software after implementation?

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email & Phone. We can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your desktop remotely and offer you real-time support.

What kind of support I get after purchasing the software?

We extend 24x7 support to the admin, teachers, team and parents through emails and phone calls.

Can I get the demo before purchasing the software?

Definitely Yes! We always say that first you be satisfied then only purchase it. Just don’t use the Top branded products as they are not customised according to you. We arrange for a demo visit with the school management.

Can I get a trial of your software before I purchase it?

As our product is not a standalone license which can be run on the system and the user can try, so giving a trial for the software would be difficult. But we will give you DEMO user details. This will give you a complete feel of all the modules in the software.

What is the cost module that you work upon?

We have two components in our cost module - (a) Fixed cost and (b) Variable cost.
Fixed cost is the one time cost that we charge to school after the contract is signed between QIK Orgainzation Pvt. Ltd. and the School. Variable cost is charged per user per year. There are no hidden costs apart from these two costs.

Why is the recurring cost need to be paid every year and not just one time cost?

Software as a Service (SaaS) doesn't work with one time cost. For us variable cost includes use of servers, hardware, licenses of various software needed, backup, maintenance of server, upgardation, customization, SMS Gateways, SMS cost, Email servers etc.

What is the total cost?

It depends on the number of students your school have. Costing is per user, per year.

Any additional investment for school need to be done for Online payment?

Yes, you need to pay the payment gateway provider's onetime cost which is in the range of 20k to 25k.