How to decide the look of the website?

Refer the website design templates online. Select the template that most suits your requirements.

What is difference between Static and Dynamic website?

Static website contains web pages which are fixed. Dynamic website is having interaction with database. Dynamic websites also have interaction with user like getting data and retrieving according to conditions.

If afterwards I want to change the whole design then what to do?

If there are partial changes with existing templates then charges are limited. If you are changing complete theme then it is equivalent to new website design..

Which pages you are giving in common website?

Please refer the website pages for reference. Here all list of pages most commonly used are already displayed. This page gets added new pages as per our development.

What is difference between web designing and web hosting?

Website designing is the look and feel what you see online. Here all pages will be designed according to your requirements. Website designing includes coding and adding text and images to different pages.
Web hosting is to put all designed pages online on server. This server will show all your pages globally. Designing is like word file and hosting is like keeping your files in computer.

Why to renew website? Why to pay every year?

Actually website design and development cost will be paid only once. Domain and Web hosting company charges every year for keeping the files secured, updated. They use latest servers with backup facility. The charges vary according to company, service facilities, server use, bandwidth allocated, disc space usage etc.

Do you provide source code also?

Source code is the property of the development company. All reputed companies never give source code. Your all pages and their contents are yours. You can get them at any time! So source code will not be shared.

Can I update my website myself?

If any website is designed and developed in any framework then you can update and change contents any time. There are many web designing frameworks like Wordpress. These are also known as CMS i.e. Content Management System. There are many companies who design templates and keep them online free and paid. These websites you can update anytime 27x7x265!

There is also option to design the pages customized according to your requirement. Here we are not using any framework. Here you are having complete flexibility to design and develop as per your requirements.

What are charges for Static and Dynamic websites?

Static websites with 5 pages will start from 4,900 Rss only. If there are any more pages then charges will vary according to your requirements.

Dynamic websites costing will completely depends on your exact requirements. These websites vary from 9,000 to 99,000. In dynamic website we are updating data in database! If you want to design website according to your requirements then please email to admin@qik.in.