• Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products.

  • 24/7 availability.

  • Reach to more customers, there is no geographic limitations.

  • Low operational costs and better quality of services.

  • No need of physical company set-ups.

  • Global markets - neither you nor the vendor are restricted to your/their locality.

  • Easy to start and manage a business.

  • Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically.


Benefits to Students:

Self motivated
Be in touch with teachers, parents, school activities
No need to write homework
Notice board
Immediate communication
Get info quickly about Timetable, educational resources provided by teacher
Easy access to homework, assignments, notes given by teachers directly.
Get info about attendance, exam reports

Benefits to Parents:

Get child’s attendance, exam reports immediately
Get student’s whole info on a single click.
Receive info about school activities, notices, home–work, fees info
Communicate with teachers, principal, school

Benefits to Teachers:

Quick & easy way to communicate with parents
Focus on teaching than admin activities
Give feedback about student directly
No need to report daily to principal
Inform students about eLearning resources directly.
Update exam details directly
Online management of homework, assignments, lesson plans
Communicate with students, parents, principal, admin directly.

Benefits to School:

Store & access all database centrally
Save time & money in admin activities
Daily contact with parents lead to school progress
Students analysis can be done in detail
Meet instant requirement of government policies
Multi threaded communication with parents, teachers, office

Benefits to Management:

Brand building of school
Very easy to implement
Reduced paperwork
Significant cost savings
Teacher’s & academic analysis
Increase efficiency & effectiveness
Help to get students data for future policies like Alumni.
Better resource utilization
System development
Manage your other schools

Benefits of ERP (School Management Software):

We can help you to reach your Goals …
All information is kept online
Access anytime, anywhere
All student’s information is kept in proper and usable way
Be leader in your category
Can be accessible to your colleagues or managers for better working
Very Easy to operate
Get data superfast using latest web technologies
Any user or Students, teachers, managers can access related data only.
Student’s benefit facilities are available.
Reports in excel form helps you to handle data or records according to your convenience or standards.
Modules like Attendance report, Subject schedule help students, parents to be informed about the progress of student.
Very powerful search engine – giving data according to your requirements.
Transparency to get involved all management team members, students.
Manager or other team members cannot edit data directly. Only Admin is authorized to access and edit all major and important data.
You should work on IMP & Urgent activity only.
Increase your interaction with students
Reducing time loss in management activities. Save management member’s other investments (Salary of Reception, office boy …) See data related to present academic only. Past data can be visible to admin only. Give power of information to student’s or parents by sharing UserID & password

Very Useful reports:

Get pending students fees information
Fees collection according to subject, teacher, etc
Get all student’s or parent’s mobile numbers or emails for communication
Send instant SMS to groups according to requirements
Create group or sub-groups according to your needs
More than 30 reports to analyse data immediately.

FAQ’s: Questions in Mind:

Why should I go for software?
All companies, schools & colleges are working effectively and efficiently because of System. They use latest technology to be in the world of information era.
Whether data is confidential?
Hacking of the system is not possible. Confidentiality is maintained as long as your email & password are confidential.
I am having multiple schools, how can I use it?
Yes! For multiple schools you are going to get discount for other schools under the same brand.
How can school get more funds?
We will explain everything in detail once we meet. The funds to school could be in lakhs!

Existing schools & colleges:

SNBP International School
Sahyadri Polytechnic
Siddheshwar college
Sneha Academy & Research center
ICE GATE Academy
Jungle Book
Wonderful Kidz
Shubham Classes
Step Institute
SS High-school
Nakshatra English Medium school
Modern school
Nakshatra English Medium school
Gyaanam school