Top Reasons

User friendly

Anyone with basic knowledge in computers will be able to use QIK ERP software without any instructions.

Web based

This is a completely web based software. There is nothing to install in your computer. Use it from your favorite browser.

Customization ready

We know that your requirements might be different. ERP software is optimized for customization..

Action Search

The innovative search allows the users to access different features from a simple search.

Affordable Pricing

QIK offers the lowest cost for enterprise softwares in Education sector. Our solutions and services will be affordable for schools and colleges of any size.

Use in School or College

Fedena can be used in different kinds of education institutions. Schools, Colleges, Universities and Training institutes.


QIK offers analysis on the performance of students. Excel reports helps us analysing the data the way we want!

Login for Student, Parent, Teacher, Team:

Everybody will have their own individual login access. They can access their contents from anywhere around the world. .

Messaging System

QIK ERP has an integrated messaging system which helps you to avoid all external email communication.

File Attachments

ERP software supports file attachments & send it to admin..

Software updates:

We launch fresh and useful modules every month. This increases the usability of software. .